Moving Trees is Not an Easy Job

Recently we wanted to move a large tree from one of our properties to another in the same city. We were moving our primary residence and thought it would be a great idea to relocate our favorite tree (a large palm tree) to our new residence about 3-4 miles away.

After all what could go wrong? There are plenty of moving companies experienced in this I was sure!!

Boy was I in for a surprise?




First off, not all moving companies were ready to move a large palm tree. We finally had to find one moving company in Toledo Ohio who had experience in this.

But the real job began in uprooting and transporting the tree. Have you ever seen a large Airbus or Boeing plane being transported?

I was reminded of that! We had to find and hire a crane large enough to carry the tree and move it to hire an experienced arborist who had experience in moving large trees to help uproot the tree, inspect for any infections, and package it. Luckily we were able to find a tree service Wichita guy who had worked for a company in Wichita KS who was able to do the job for us.

We had to interview almost half a dozen tree removal experts , and even check their websites, tree service photos and twitter profiles. Luckily this Wichita arborist had all the right credentials!

But in the end, once we transported the tree and placed it at our new location and had settled down in our new property, it was absolutely worth it! The kids could continue to play under the tree, hanging on the vines and we had a sense of peace , having had this tree with us for almost 38 years!