Trees are amazing and when you have them on your property, you will enjoy a wide range of benefits. However, trees are living beings, and as such they are vulnerable to various challenges. Tree rot is one problem that can affect your tress and cause them to wither and die. When you have regular tree care, you can be able to detect tree rot early enough. This is the essence of hiring a professional tree arborist.

Definition of Tree Rot

Before talking too much about tree rot, it would be only logical to define it so as to make it easier for you to identify it. Tree rot is also known as decay and this is a problem that is caused by fungi. When the tree is affected, it will start to degrade and this causes the overall health of the tree to deteriorate. If there are open wounds of damaged parts of the tree, this will be the entry point for fungi.

What Does Tree Rot Look Like?

Unless you are an experienced arborist, it is almost impossible for you to detect tree decay. The tree may be affected deep inside and on other parts that are hard to identify. However, arborists know what to look for and some of the indicators include openings on trees, holes, cavities and broken barks among others. There are different types of tree rot and while the main cause is fungi, there are different fungi species that cause different types of decay.

Dangers of Wood Decay

When you have a decaying tree, then you have a lot to worry about. This will affect the overall structural integrity of the tree. This will make it hazardous as it may fall at any point. With a weak tree on your property, there is the risk of the tree falling on people or property. Tree rot weakens the limbs and the branches, which may start falling off sporadically.

How to Prevent Tree Rot

While there may be so many preventive measures for tree rot, it is best to have a professional arborist or professional tree service sort out the issues. Some of the measures that can be taken include pruning, watering and event trimming the parts that are affected by fungi. You need to act with speed since tree rot spreads easily to the other plants that are on your property. If you notice any signs of tree decay, call tree experts, right way.